Christian Konecny
Living means learning.
Learning new things is my life.

Welcome to kone.photo!

Hi, my name is Christian Konecny. In real live I have chosen to live in Vienna – capital of Austria – with my partner Alexandra, my son Lukas and our dog Brownie. I love that Vienna is a modern city while it’s history goes back more than 4000 years. Vienna has a great combination of urban life style and at the same time provides loads of nature as well. We can be in the woods or mountains just in 30-60min from city center.

I am working in a technical management position for a Swedish telecom company since many years and have decided 4 days a week is enough to be spent for work.
In my spare time I am following my hobbies which are getting more and more over time.

Friends simply call me kone as a simple form of my surname (coming from Czech originally).

My interests & hobbies

I love learning new things. I am interested in creativity by any means. It could be 3D-design or printing, making music, filming, photography, air brushing,…

Recently I started to learn playing the piano. It makes me relaxing and just be in the moment. Same happens with me with photography. I can forget everything and just enjoy the flow.

Retro Computer gaming and tuning those old devices from the 90ies is great fun, but I also like FPV drone piloting, spending time in nature or just simply listening audio books.

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