a sequence of moments called

photography is magic. it allows to freeze any moment in live.


Street photography. capture the normal daily things and look to them from a different and new perspective.


this is what we are. all same, but different. one single human race, but everyone individual and not nearly similar to anyone else on this planet.


is everything around us and what we live in. Lovely places to spend time while forgetting about time at the same time. what is time?


nobody would dare saying to love it. the life we are living nowadays relies on industry. for photography this hard steel part of the world delivers interesting subjects. so, let’s make the best out of it.

peaceful places

every now and then everybody needs to visit places where one can calm down from the loud and fast days we are living in.
staying at those places feels like time gets paused and we take ourself out of the so-called normal context.
this is, where our soul can relax and take a deep breath or two.

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